Attention All Washington State i-502 Licensees


Are you in compliance with WSLCB WAC 314-55-087 - the employee training recordkeeping requirements for marijuana licensees?

And, did you  know that the LCB may mitigate fines and penalties if you have annual training records on file for your employees? (it's in the i-502 regs).

Why risk losing your license due to noncompliance!

We make employee training records compliance simple, affordable and 100% online.

For a flat fee of only $99 per year you can have an UNLIMITED number of employees in compliance, and here’s how easy it is:

  • Employees spend about 20 minutes completing a short, fun quiz about Washington State Marijuana regulations.
  • Then they just print their certificate – suitable for framing! – or put it into their employee file.
  • When the WSLCB comes to inspect, you’ll have training records for all your employees.

Don’t risk losing your license because of noncompliance!

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Benefits To You, The WA State Cannabis Business Owner

  • We save you time - you can focus on your business, not employee compliance
  • We automatically remind you for each employee's annual re-certification date
  • Affordable compliance training: our pricing is simple: $99 per year and unlimited employees can be trained
  • 100% online
  • Only takes 20 minutes to complete the training
  • Completion certificate provided
  • Flat free - $99 per year gets you unlimited number of employees trained!


Washington State Cannabis Businesses: You Must Comply With Annual Employee Training on Marijuana Laws & Record keeping requirements for I-502 marijuana business licensees:

WAC 314-55-087 (1)(e)

(1) The following records must be kept and maintained on the licensed premises and must be made available for inspection if requested by an employee of the liquor control board:
(e) All employee records, to include training

WAC 314-55-515 (5)(a)

(5)(a) Mitigating circumstances that may result in few days of suspension and/or a lower monetary option may include demonstrated business polices and/or practices that reduce the risk of future violations. Example include: having an employee training plan that includes annual training on marijuana laws.


Simple. Fast. Affordable

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Our Online Cannabis Compliance Training is not a replacement for the training you'll provide new or existing employees in the day-to-day job duties you want them to perform - obviously, each employee needs to be trained in the specific functions you've hired them to complete at your business.

But, you also need to comply with the regulatory compliance training requirements of keeping records of training in each employees file, and that's where our Compliance Training site can help you.

We make Cannabis Compliance Easy

Using our online Compliance Training to train your employees frees up owners and managers to focus on handing more important issues such as being more profitable.

Using our Compliance Training is simple, easy, and affordable.

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