Easy & Affordable Online Compliance Training for Cannabis Businesses

CannabisComplianceTraining.com provides easy & affordable regulatory compliance training for business engaging in production, processing, and/or sale of Marijuana (also known as "Cannabis").

Our Experience

Our deep experience with regulations started in 2002 providing live on-site regulatory compliance training for domestic & international shippers, forwarders, & carriers of Dangerous Goods & Hazardous Materials. Now we specialize in only in Cannabis Business Compliance providing you with expert yet easy compliance.

Our Technology

With the advancement of technology, training that used to cost thousands of dollars per day for an on onsite instructor can now be handled online for a fraction of that cost, and on your schedule, not ours.

Easy & Affordable

We're proud to provide you, the Cannabis Business Owner or Manager, with current & state-of-the-art training to easily, quickly, and affordably keep your business in compliance and out of trouble - our flat free pricing is $99 per year and you can train an UNLIMITED number of employees.

Why You Need Us

Failure to comply with State Laws & Regulations governing the production, processing and/or sale of Cannabis and Cannabis-infused products may result in your business being fined, temporarily shut down due to temporary license suspension  or even permanently closed due to license revocation.

Extra Service - No Extra Charge!

Don't let your employee training records lapse - keep current with our easy, quick, affordable training  - we'll even notify you in advance when an employee's Certificate is coming up on expiration at no extra charge!

You Get Peace of Mind

We provide you with the peace of mind knowing that if - more like when - regulators and inspectors come knocking on your door, you'll be able to produce current Compliance Training Records upon demand.

Questions? Comments?

We welcome your input - feel free to contact us if you have any feedback, questions, or concerns.

We're glad to serve you, thank you for your business!

David Portney, CEO of Cannabis Compliance Training

David Portney, CEO







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