Frequently Asked Questions About Cannabis Compliance Training Online

How Do I Know If My Business Needs Cannabis Compliance Training?

You need compliance training if you have received a State-issued licence to produce, process, or retail Marijuana or Marijuana-infused products.

Who Has To Be Trained?

All employees who will produce, process, sell, handle, move, package, label, transport, or in any way touch or deal with Marijuana or Marijuana-infused products.

What Kind Of Training Has To Be Completed?

The record keeping requirements and minimum license eligibility requirements show that employers must "Have an employee training plan that includes annual training on Marijuana laws" - we handle the annual Marijuana law training & record keeping requirements for you by providing a complete & thorough training with Certificate of Completion for your files, suitable for framing.

How Often Do I Have To Retrain  Employees?

Regulations say you must provide "annual training on Marijuana laws" - we handle the annual Marijuana law training & record keeping requirements for you so you can focus on your business!

How Much Does Compliance Training Cost?

$99 per year for UNLIMITED employees. Annual retraining is required per State Law.

What If My Question Is Not Answered Here?

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