Notice to Stakeholders – Interim Policy – Wet Flower Transfers

On August 24 2016 the WSLCB issued the following notice:


The Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board has issued an Interim Policy to allow the wholesale and transfer of wet flower from a licensed producer to a licensed processor without first packaging into lots. This Interim Policy is effective August 24, 2016, and expires when permanent rules take effect. Permanent rulemaking to implement these provisions is currently underway.

The Interim Policy is located on WSLCB’s Laws and Rules webpage under Interim Policies:

If you wish to comment on the permanent rulemaking related to this Interim Policy, please do so using the contact information below. Information on permanent rulemaking in progress is available on WSLCB’s Laws and Rules webpage under Proposed Rules:

By mail:   Rules Coordinator                 By e-mail:             By fax:

Liquor and Cannabis Board    360-664-9689

P.O. Box 43080

Olympia, WA  98504-3080


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