Survey Results – What’s The Biggest Change You Want the LCB to Make in 2017?

I recently surveyed 968 i-502 licensees asking "what's the biggest change you want the LCB to make in 2017?"

93 licensees replied, nearly 10% of the folks surveyed.

Below you'll find some data visualizations of the survey restults (a word cloud, and a bar chart showing the areas of highest concern) - and you'll also find all of the unedited survey results.

If you missed out on my survey and want to voice your opinion, or you have a comment you'd like to add about what people said below, please do so at the bottom of this post.

Summarizing the Survey Results

Here's a word cloud showing a summary of concerns based no words that were repeated at least twice - you can see the word counts, and this is arranged alphabetically:

Lots of concerns. Taxes, testing, direct selling, prices, and for/against opening more retail stores are common.

I reviewed each person's survey response assigning a "category" to each - here's a chart representing that:

The Raw Survey Results

Here are the uncensored, unfiltered survey responses, sorted by order received (first to last).

Again, note that I have not edited, fixed grammar or spelling - these are your peers unedited, raw responses:

  1. Allow transports and delivery of product to be transferred at a mid point location to allow remote area stores like mine to be accessible more to farms on the other side of the mountains. If we could meet at a mutual location and do the swap there would be far more easy
  2. Relax testing
  3. Lower tax rate
  4. 6 infractions instead of 3 they are going. To run us out if business
  5. Not open anymore 502 license
  6. I would like each of the officers to communicate to the store owners any rule changes that have been made or any updates that pertain to them. This would reduce errors and would build a relationship between the officer and the owners also.
  7. allow the sale of merchandise within the stores. Producer, processor, and retailer branded merchandise
  8. lower tax obligation
  9. Increased lot size. I'll spend 20k per harvest on just testing..
  10. Allow producers to direct sell to consumers.
  11. Be able to move inventory between our two locations
  12. no quarantine time, and only 1 lab test per strain per harvest.
  13. Lessen the punitive fines and inconsistent rules, increase outreach and education.
  14. Fix the medical system rollout.
  15. let us sell are own product stores are controlling everything
  16. Reduce tax rate down to %27
  17. Get rid of fricken BioTrack and its lousy program and missing support staff nd replace the program with a user friendly program with immediate support.
  18. abolish 24 hour quarantine
  19. that we can have all three licenses
  20. QA testing consistency
  21. include retail license with producer and processor licenses
  22. Less taxes
  23. Producer/ processors allowed to sell retail
  24. agriculture classification for farmers
  25. The ability to sell products direct to the public just like wineries, distilleries and craft breweries
  26. Lower the Tax
  27. Lower taxes
  28. Lift the type of insurance required. For outdoor growers, it's just an expense and offers no real protection.
  29. list these businesses as agriculture and allow us to go by those laws and regulations
  30. Open more retail stores
  31. Wanting us to have so many different tests done on each harvest. Very expensive for us small Tier 1 people.
  32. Setting a price for store to pay what the farming is worth .. without farmer there is no store ..
  33. First request is to the legislature that would be heavily influenced by LCB...lower the cannabis tax so retail prices can compete with the illicit market and there be enough margin for the industry to get on solid financial footing.
  34. NO 24 hour quarantine period.
  35. Allow more retail shops to hopefully improve market conditions for producers
  36. Lower taxes
  37. Cracking down on the bid guys who subvert the law. and stop treating the good guys like criminals.
  38. Sweeping changes to BioTrack to make the entire process more intuitive for growers. Number 1 time dump in the industry.
  39. Upgrade the testing labs & testing standards
  40. lower taxes
  41. Ability to grow out canopy
  43. I would like to be able to bring my kids on to my facility my grow is on my own property and my kids can't even go into it even though they know what it is and understand what I do for a living.
  44. Allow stronger edibles
  45. Investigate illegal licensees
  46. The ability to ask your enforcement officer to do an onsite review for compliance (like L&I) and not get penalized for non compliance. Trey can then come back within a certain period of time to comply. Some officers do this and some don't. It should be a standardized protocol.
  47. Better communication with licensees and training of officers
  48. Remove quarantine
  49. Allow producers to sale their products to the consumer on site
  50. Lower taxes
  51. Eliminate/reduce the 24 hour product quarantine prior to delivery.
  52. Better communication between the WSLCB and the WSDOH.
  53. Let me sell my product directly to the public. The retailers are treating the grower fairly.
  54. As we fight Chelan County to stay in business, I was thinking the LCB made a mistake to not tax the layers of the business and just tax the retailers. Of course Chelan county is not banning retailers, they are the only ones paying tax. If a county bans producers then they should not be able to receive money from the retailers.
  55. Safe harbour
  56. Tax restructure
  57. Let producer/processor sell their own products
  58. Change waste destruction procedure/requirements
  59. Lot size
  60. Testing
  61. standardized QA test samples
  62. Allow consumption lounges
  63. Direct to public sales from farms.
  64. Confirm that cannabis farming is an Agricultural use
  65. Testing reliability
  66. TOP TWO// 1-Take the "BAN Area Licenses"-an issue to communities allowing RETAIL, AND 2-SHARE taxes collected with Local communities that have Prod/Process/Retail activity
  67. allow on site sales direct to the public
  68. Open 1000 more stores so market so even the producers and procesdor will succeed
  69. Shorter time in getting things approved .
  70. Put the "NOT for Kids" label on Alcohol Bottle too.
  71. have someone come pick what is tested for potency samples so people cant continue cheating tests
  72. They need to be lower and only every 1/4. of the year.
  73. Designate marijuana production as an agricultural venture
  74. Allow Producers to sell direct to the consumer. Industry is not going to survive otherwise.
  75. Control pricing for wholesale and retail.
  76. License at least 200 new stores
  77. Setting up a bank such as credit unions do
  78. P/P selling their own products.
  79. Reduce the state rate to 25%
  80. Allowing us to sell a wider array of merchandise in the stores.
  81. More retail outlets including allowing Producers and processors sell direct to medical patients
  82. I'd like to see the LCB give tr1 producers and opportunity to get more square footage
  83. Multiple producer licenses per operators
  84. advertising
  85. Traceability - new system
  86. Raise the minimum price retail has to pay for flower
  87. allow P/P to sell to public
  88. Lower the excise tax so I can advance my employees
  89. push to have cannabis farming declared to be agriculture
  90. Fix the QA Testing system
  91. Eliminate excise tax for patients
  92. for legislatures to amend RCW 69.50.329 to allow prod/proc to sell to public, as do wineries
  93. Distribution license that can carry more than one brand at a time.

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Hope you enjoyed this survey, and thanks to all who took time to participate!


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